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Tupperware Party ONLINE

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In these fast paced times, we can't seem to find time to sit down at house parties like our parents and grandparents did.
We're having a Tupperware Party ONLINE!!!!

Visit our store
Forever And Always
115 W Jackson St
Farmerville, LA

shop for Christian t-shirts, do rags, and more online at

Brick and Mortar Store Front

Well friends, we have been wanting this for quite some time and the Lord has finally said we're ready.  We now have a brick and mortar storefront, so those of you traveling through North Louisiana can find us nestled away within a block from Main Street in Farmerville, LA.Within minutes of Lake D'Arbonne, you can [...]

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House For Rent in Farmerville, LA

Published on Aug 1, 2014 406 Ann Street, Farmerville, LA 71241located directly behind Union Parish Junior High (formerly Farmerville Elementary) and walking distance of Sonic Drive-In and McDonald's, as well as, the [...]

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On Vacation

We are currently on vacation, so our shipping time may be delayed by a few days.We are planning to be at the Saline Watermelon Festival this weekend, July 12, 2014.

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A Historic Opportunity

By now, most of you know that Summer (my wife) and I have our own business traveling across North Louisiana and Southern Arkansas to set up at festivals and flea markets along the way.For those of you who have met us at one of these shows, you know we like to offer a good product that is affordable.You probably also know [...]

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Military Appreciation Month

Help us salute our military this month as we kick off a campaign like none we’ve ever done before.During the month of May, which is National Military Appreciation Month, we will donate one (1) du rag to the Blue Star Mothers for every three (3) du rags we sell.The Blue Star Mothers are a group of women who are sending their children [...]

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Christian Bikers Be Heard and seen Help us sell 500 Christian du rags by midnight Saturday! Use discount code BikerWitness to save $1 on each du rag...offer ends at midnight 3/29/2014Now is your time to be seen and heard!  Let the masses know Who you ride for!!!!

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2014 Shows, Festivals, and Events

We are constantly asked where we'll be set up at next.  Here is a list of the events we know about so far.  There are some we know exist, but aren't sure of the dates.  If you know of one not listed, please let us know about it. Below is a [...]

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Determining Self Worth

Years ago, I worked in the financial world.Everything revolved around money and the perceived value of things.During this time, I was exposed to a “financial tool” designed to help you determine if you should hire work done or do it yourself.The first thing this program did incorrectly was assume that everyone has equal abilities, i.e. everybody can build a house, [...]

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Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday Sale Watch for our Cyber Monday Sale disount code to be announced.  This sale will run from Sunday through Tuesday and allow you to save 15% on orders of $35 or more.  Our Free Shipping offer for orders over $65 is still active.  Now is the time for you to use this coupon to [...]

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