A Historic Opportunity

A Historic Opportunity

Posted by Robert Lemoine approved by Summer Lemoine on 8th Jun 2014

By now, most of you know that Summer (my wife) and I have our own business traveling across North Louisiana and Southern Arkansas to set up at festivals and flea markets along the way.For those of you who have met us at one of these shows, you know we like to offer a good product that is affordable.You probably also know that we’re always on the lookout for what God has planned for us.

Well, I’m going to tell you about an incredible chain of events that has led us to tell this tale.Some time back, not sure exactly when, we came across a lady wearing one of those silicone bracelets people use to improve their balance.Nothing out of the ordinary except that this one had a Cross on it.It was amazing!I told Summer, “We’ve got to get these.”

I asked the lady where she got it from and she told us that some salesman was coming through the Christian bookstore she was at to set up a wholesale account.The owner wasn’t in, but the guy had already pulled the bracelet out.Her reaction was the same as ours, “I’ve got to get this.”So, he sold her one at the wholesale cost.Of course, she didn’t have his name or any contact information.

Fast forward several weeks and we’re at Bonnie And Clyde Trade Days in Arcadia like we are most months on the weekend before the third Monday.Summer had taken the kids to walk around as she does at most of the shows we attend.After all, what fun is it to stay in your booth the whole time when all of that great stuff is all around you?Anyway, she came across this booth…with those bracelets!

The guy in the booth told her about the product and showed her some of the other stuff he had before giving her a brochure.When they got back to our booth, she showed me the brochure and told me about it.I glanced at it between customers, but couldn’t study it…and, honestly didn’t realize it was “those” bracelets.So, when we packed up, the brochure landed on the console of the truck with a stack of other papers.(Wives, quit poking your husbands.)

A little while later, I just happened to look at the brochure and called the number on the back.After talking for a few minutes, he gave me the name, number, and email of the guy I needed to talk to for more details.I lost the paper…

Time went by and I had looked online, but couldn’t remember the name of the company.Well, after a couple of weeks, I got a call from Wesley Hodges, the guy I had lost the information for.We talked for a little while and decided to meet to get signed up.

The company’s name is Cross Power and our site to get these amazing ministry tools is www.crosspowerlife.com/ForeverAndAlways.One of the bonuses we found out at this meeting is that Cross Power is a network marketing company focused on spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.And, it just got better after that.

Cross Power was opened as a multi-level marketing opportunity just this past November (2013).After we got signed up, we found out that as of the first of June (2014), there are only a little over 200 representatives.That means we are coming into a company at the very beginning.Just think if you could have been one of the first 300 to 500 people selling Avon, Plexus Slim, or some other successful MLM company.

The good Lord works in His own timing.We have been through several opportunities that were all great opportunities…if we’d have gotten in just a little bit sooner.Maybe that’s where you are now and have been looking for something to support your ministry.If this is something you’d like more information about, either visit our website mentioned earlier or send me an email to crosspower@foreverandalwaysonline.com.

We believe He has guided us through those opportunities in order to find this one that will not only provide for us financially, but most importantly allows us to spread our faith in our Lord and Savior.May God bless you and keep you safe in all that you do in His name.Remember, the fastest way up is to kneel down.

P.S.If you’re not interested in becoming a representative, but would like to use us for your fundraiser, we can do that.

Forever And Always 114 B North Main Street Farmerville, Louisiana 71241