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Farmerville Shops

Shopping on the Square in Downtown Farmerville on Lake D'Arbonne


Make Farmerville, Louisiana ( home of Lake D'Arbonne in Union Parish ) your travel destination any time of year.  Spend time touring the State Park, fishing or skiing on Lake D'Arbonne, or visiting the great shops scattered around town, especially on and around The Square Downtown.  Plan for a week long vacation or just spend the day with us.




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Shopping On The Square



To help with your visit to our community, here are some of the stores you'll want to visit:


Forever And Always

115 W Jackson St
Farmerville, LA 71241




The Southern Lady Southern Gypsy Union Pawn & Gun
Joye Hinton Marcy Casper John Funderburg
108 East St 114 N Main St 100 N Washington St
318-368-8169 318-235-8428 318-368-7030 Pawn Shop
FB – Joye Hinton FB - Southern Gypsy/Marcy Casper 318-368-7010 Bail Bonds
Town of Farmerville Lori’s Lunch Box Bayou General Store
Town Hall This & That Collectibles BUnique Boutique
407 S Main St Dottie Farr Brittany Unkel
318-368-9242 109 N Lafayette St 101 East Bayou St
FB – Farmerville, Louisiana 817-300-3151 / 817-307-4732 318-368-7200 FB – This And That Collectibles FB – BUnique Boutique
Union Museum of History and Art Blown Away Hair Studio Eugenia’s Market Place
116 N Main St Nike Barber Eugenia Sevier McNeill
Chamber of Commerce Building 113 W Jackson St 209 N Lafayette St
FB - Union Museum of History and Art 318-557-0450 318-346-1137 FB – Blown Away Hair Studio FB – Eugenia’s Market Place
The Dean of Flowers    
Alan Futch    
115 N Washington St    
FB – The Dean of Flowers    


Downtown Revitalization

For over half a century, Farmerville, Louisiana has been known as the home of the Louisiana Watermelon Festival. It is also known as the “Home of Lake D’Arbonne.” And, coming soon, it will be known as a vacation shopping destination.

Over the last year, many changes have played out around the town to make it a viable place for small businesses to thrive. Within about a three block area, over a dozen businesses have staked claim to the once unavailable area. It has taken such a boost, that even my wife and I have established our first brick and mortar store there.

But, it’s not just the Downtown Area that has grown. Farmerville has expanded its borders in three directions reaching closer to Ruston, Bernice, and Arkansas than ever imagined in the past. Folley Beach, which was once a place of beach parties, concerts, and family gatherings on a lazy summer day, is in the process of being developed into a beach area with a marina, stage, convenient store, restaurant, and hotel on one end and a shopping center on the other. Not bad for a place that was given its name by its original developer to mock the nay sayers who called it “Ben’s Folley” when the nine acre beach was first built…a few decades before its time.

Couple this redevelopment with the addition of an RV Park and cabins across the highway, and you’ve got some exciting times happening. Considering that the proposed Mega Ramp that will hold 100 trucks with trailers and will have 40 boat slips is within walking distance of these other developments, it will be a fishermen’s paradise and his wife’s get-a-way weekend all rolled into one. And, in the event your boat isn’t quite up to par, a boat dealership is right across the road offering service, accessories, and even a whole new rig. There’s even a Chevy and Ford dealership to really upgrade your whole presence on the water.

Keep in mind the D’Arbonne Lake State Park is just outside of city limits on the other end of town for those who enjoy the great outdoors. From cabins to RV spaces to tent camping, it can accommodate the pickiest of travelers and offers relaxing picnic areas, playgrounds, and walking trails. The park is so popular that when the state decided to close all of the swimming pools at state parks across the state, area leaders and businesses chipped in to fund the pool’s continued operation. Yeah, it may be growing, but Union Parish is full of heart.

So what all kind of things can you find in Downtown? It ranges from a museum at the Chamber of Commerce Building to jewelry and apparel to furniture, both new and old, to even arts and crafts creations. Several boutiques cover Farmerville with a variety of specialized items that are more affordable than the big cities. Multiple flea markets fill the downtown area with hundreds of booths throughout. Knick knacks to antiques are everywhere. You can even pick up some flowers for a special occasion or to dress up your lodging.

Speaking of lodging, there are numerous weekend, weekly, and monthly lake house rentals available in addition to the many RV parks like Lester’s On The Lake and B & B’s like Edgewood Plantation around the lake. Of course when you travel, you want to have a nice place to eat and Farmerville has that, too. Over twenty restaurants dot the landscape in Farmerville and nearby towns just a short fifteen minute drive away. And, if you don’t feel like driving, pizza can be delivered to most areas.

If you are traveling, don’t worry about packing anything. Just come as you are and buy it all here. Farmerville hosts several dollar stores, a couple of grocery stores, and a Wal-Mart for all of your basics. Obviously, you’ll hit up the Downtown Boutiques for all of your attire needs. And, the Downtown Boutiques are just a portion of the boutiques around town. There are even a couple of thrift stores to pick up a good book or movie to enjoy on your stay.

Since this is one of those times when you only have a day to spend with the friendly folks Downtown, I’d recommend a path similar to this one to make your trip more efficient and enjoyable. Start by parking in the big parking lot by the Union Parish Courthouse. Once parked, head over to see Mrs. Joye Hinton at The Southern Lady to check out a unique shop that has everything from vintage to hand made with a specialty in hand painted porcelain. Stop back by your car to drop off your goodies, then head across the street to Union Pawn & Gun to check out some sweet deals on new and used fire arms or to see what family heirlooms weren’t ever picked up. Since you’re enjoying a leisurely day enjoying the town, skip across the street to take a break on the garden patio beside The Dean of Flowers. You may want to pop in on Alan Futch and the gang next door before resting to see the flowers and gifts on display. In addition to flowers for weddings, funerals, and just because, they also have works by local artists, Clementine Hunter pottery, and Tyler candles.

Now that you’re refreshed, swing around the corner on Bayou Street to see what Brittany Unkel has in her two stores, BUnique Boutique and Bayou General Store, where you can pick up some of the latest designs from Italy or slide up to the bar at the ice cream parlor. Better yet, take your time moseying through both of them just exploring. Now, you’ll want to walk along Main Street to check out Southern Gypsy, a classy shop full of vendors carrying everything from jewelry and clothing to rustic designs and even farm fresh fruit. After you’ve spent some time visiting with Marcy Casper, hop next door to the Union Museum. It’s inside the Chamber of Commerce building. The museum is currently featuring an exhibit of prehistoric Indian artifacts found in Union Parish: spear points, pottery pieces, arrowheads, cooking balls, and scraping tools. The exhibit runs from July 22 to October 9, and also includes items from Poverty Point World Heritage Site, paintings by Martin Pate and other artists, and modern Indian crafts and costumes.

Hopefully, you’ve already called Nike Barber at Blown Away Hair Studio across Main Street from the museum and scheduled your appointment to get your hair done. It’s ok if you didn’t, because she takes walk-ins, too. And guess what? While your hair is processing, you can leave her shop to step next door at Forever And Always to hang out with me and my wife, Summer. We carry an assortment of Christian themed jewelry, purses, and other accessories along with some clothing other than the Christian t-shirts and du rags.

Those strawberries you had earlier have probably worn off by now. So, you need to go around the corner on Lafayette Street to get a burger or fish plate from Lori’s Lunch Box. Keep in mind that because the food is fresh and doesn’t come from a frozen food truck, they are only open from 11:00 to 2:00. While you’re there, look around This & That Collectibles to find just that…this and that. There’s no telling what Dottie Farr has in her shop, except for new stuff. Since you’re in that treasure hunting mood, slip past the Union Parish Library to Eugenia’s Flea Market. Eugenia McNeill has assembled a collection of vendors carrying everything from Avon to baby clothes to bicycles to furniture. It’s getting a little later in the day, so you better start back to your car. Be sure to stop in all those shops and pick up your bags. You know, the ones you left to keep from carrying all of your great finds.

So, to sum it all up, when you plan your visit to Farmerville for the Fireworks Celebration to be held on July 3rd or the Louisiana Watermelon Festival the last weekend in July, plan to stay a while. Who knows, you may love it as much as I do and decide to relocate to an area undergoing a $42 Million make-over in the public schools (including a new High School facility) and a new K-12 Charter School going up in addition to the private school serving the parish. With cheaper property, lower property taxes, and all the luxuries of a big city without the traffic, it is a great place to call home.

If you’d like more information on where to stay and what to do, visit or contact the Union Parish Chamber of Commerce. If you come to Farmerville down HWY 167, you can stop at the Tourism Center in Bernice and pick up some maps and other information about what to do, including some historic cemeteries, homes, and sites around the parish.

We look forward to seeing you soon! Remember, the fastest way up is to kneel down. May the Lord keep you and bless you in all that you do in His name.


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