Fish & Seafood with Lemon by Sweet Smokie Joe

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Fish & Seafood with Lemon by Sweet Smokie Joe - Louisiana Seasoning

Why Sweet Smokie Joe's seasonings?  It's very simple.  It's more than just the incredible flavor.  It's more than being low sodium, low fat, low carbs, low cholesterol, and low calorie...

It's the experience your taste buds feel as bite after bite the flavor remains.  A flavor so delicious it brings a tear to your eye.  A flavor so enjoyable it makes you want to sing.  It restores the soul and refreshes the body.  It gives hunger a swift kick in the gut.  It's the fact that something this good can't "Not Be Bad" as it causes your lips to tingle with satisfaction.


For nutritional facts and ingredients, please view the pictures closer. 


Product of Greenwood, LA

Manufactured by HNO Blending Solutions, Inc., Fordyce, Arkansas


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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