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Useful Links

Here are some useful links, affiliate links, and friends' links.

Here are some links we have found useful over the years.  Some are for products that most individuals, Churches, and businesses need.  Some are to help promote a business or organization we feel led to make mention of.  If you think your link is one we would be interested in, please send it to us.

City Pass Vacation discounts - We have personally used this site to buy tickets when traveling to Houston, TX.  We saved about half of the normal cost.

Cross Penny Ministries This is where we get the Cross Pennies from that we use to witness at the many events we attend.  We pay a penny for a penny, plus shipping and a donation to help their ministry.

Wholesale Software This site is amazing.  We purchased the $500+ 2010 Microsoft Office Professional package in the summer of 2012 for only $29!!  It works great and there are more products now.

Greg Millwee Books  Greg Millwee is an author, musician, a minister, but mostly a Child of God.  He is not a perfect individual.  He has made many mistakes, jumped without looking, and can be too overzealous at times for his own good, but he also loves God and people with a passion.  He tries to see the good in all people and loves to encourage them to see their God-given mission and potential.



Christian Motorcyclists Association

CBN / 700 Club


Extreme Missionary Adventures



Upon This Rock

Louisiana Road Trip Magazine


Kudzu Patch Ministry

Louisiana Tourist Information

D'arbonne Woods Charter School

The Church at Pisgah in Bernice, LA Expert Author

   Wholesale Software

Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days