Delta Force Router plus 5G Plan

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Delta Force

Introducing Delta Force, our best rural internet solution. Delta Force is a custom made 4G smart router with a $200 integrated booster module. Delta Force also uses our band bonding technology that combines other carrier signal to an AT&T band to increase speeds. Includes dual band WIFI for an overall better home internet experience.

This is the router and service we use in our home out in the woods outside of city limits.  In our location about 3 miles outside of Marion, Louisiana, we are getting consistent speeds of 2 Mbps to 22 Mbps with more tests averaging above 10.  Yes, we tested it first to tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly truth.  Your location will determine speeds.  Adjusting the router position can also increase your speeds.







The price includes the first month* of service.


Broadcasts 2 signals to operate your home, 4G and 5G.

Note: 5G in most areas is a dedicated 4G tower, not actual 5G service.


Please use this link to get started...It shows a one time setup fee of $459, which is your router.


Orders should arrive within 4 business days from time of order.

The link will sign you up for recurring billing of $125 plus sales tax every 30 days.

If your billing doesn't go through, your service will be suspended until payment is made with no credit given for time your service was suspended.


*a service month is every 30 days

All Sales are FINAL as this is a prepaid account and service begins at time of purchase.

Shipping time is based on time for it to be at our store for pickup.  If you'd like it shipped directly to you, please call us after ordering.

We do not install the device.  Instructions are included.  Setup is simply attaching the labeled antennas to the labeled ports and plugging in the unit to an electrical outlet.