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Sweet Smokie Joe Louisiana Seasoning

Sweet Smokie Joe - Louisiana Seasoning

Chances are that you've heard about the great food Louisiana has to offer.  It's more than just the amazing cooks and chefs that create the mouth-watering dishes we call "home cooking."  It's also about the seasonings they choose and how they are applied.

Sweet Smokie Joe has changed the game by reducing the sodium levels, the carb levels, and the calories.  Despite our rearing, salt doesn't make it all better.  These blends of herbs and spices will have you longing to relocate to Da Boot (that's Louisiana for you Yankees).

With a mouth full of flavor and a smile in your stomach, you can't go wrong with these seasonings.  Personally, I use Creole Kick on a simple turkey or ham sandwich, my mac & cheese, black eyed peas, and even pizza.  It has basically become a substitute for salt and pepper.