Amazing Mistakes

Amazing Mistakes

Posted by Robert C. Lemoine on 20th Apr 2019

I’m going to share something a little personal here…as opposed to the non-personal approach I usually take. Anyway, this is one of those stories that some close friends said I should share. This … read more
A Soldier's Transformation

A Soldier's Transformation

Posted by Robert C. Lemoine on 19th Apr 2019

Years ago in a world of the flesh, a young man trained to be a killer. His fears were removed and his conscience silenced for the good of his country. His hands and his rifle were all he needed t … read more

​Dead Man Walking

Posted by Robert C. Lemoine on 18th Apr 2019

Have you ever wondered what you would want to do if you knew you were dying? What kind of places would you want to visit? What kind of “adventures” would you want to have? How would you live yo … read more

Determining Self Worth

Posted by Robert Lemoine and approved by Summer Lemoine on 10th Feb 2014

Years ago, I worked in the financial world.Everything revolved around money and the perceived value of things.During this time, I was exposed to a “financial tool” designed to help you determine if … read more