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A Soldier's Transformation

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Years ago in a world of the flesh, a young man trained to be a killer. His fears were removed and his conscience silenced for the good of his country. His hands and his rifle were all he needed to silence the enemy.

He was a soldier’s soldier. He could disassemble three different weapons (an M-16, .50 caliber machine gun, and 9MM pistol) into a pile of parts and reassemble them all correctly while blind folded. He could out drink and out fight any man that dared challenge him. He sewed his own wounds using a sewing kit from his gear. There was nothing that stopped him from rising through the ranks.

In the field, he was the first into combat. He had a desire to kill and he allowed it to consume him in every way imaginable. He fought for God and Country, but God wasn’t there. His life was Hell on Earth and he controlled it.

Years after his discharge, he became acquainted with the Word of God. He learned about Jesus. The walls around his heart crumbled and he was set free. He realized what he had done in his previous life and asked for forgiveness.

His new pledge was to defend God and Country. And, this time he would have God by his side. He has vowed to spread the Word of God all across this great nation. His training will now be used to save lives rather than destroy them.

He now takes Jesus through the trenches into the schools that abandoned Him. He escorts Him through the Town Halls and into the Capital Buildings of Washington, D.C. He repels with Him through the roof on the White House and into Congress.

He knows now that he is not in control of his life. He has surrendered his all to God Almighty. There is no mission too small or too big to keep him at bay. His enemy is now spiritual and he’s prepared for the battle.

Although his army is few, it is mighty. He is willing to lead this band of society outcasts into Victory. This soldier has no name, but he can be found leading through the hearts of the good all across this great land. You can join in the efforts to defeat the evil one by visiting your local Church. There will be someone there to properly arm you for the Main Event yet to come.

Remember, the fastest way up is to kneel down. May God bless you and keep you.

Freedom Was Not Free