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Determining Self Worth

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Years ago, I worked in the financial world.Everything revolved around money and the perceived value of things.During this time, I was exposed to a “financial tool” designed to help you determine if you should hire work done or do it yourself.

The first thing this program did incorrectly was assume that everyone has equal abilities, i.e. everybody can build a house, rebuild a motor, operate heavy equipment, and so on.The next thing it did poorly in my opinion was to assume that everyone had extra money lying around.The theory behind it was that if you made $10 an hour at work, you should hire somebody that makes $7 an hour to cut your grass.Likewise, if you make $10 an hour and you mechanic charges $20, you should fix your car yourself.

We have further allowed society to limit us by how much money we do or do not make.Unfortunately, we actually listen to these crack pot ideas and put ourselves down.Many stories exist about the poor boy from the wrong side of the tracks making it “big” when he grew up because he wanted to prove society wrong about him.He once had friends around, but stepped on all of them to climb his way to the top.He now has tons of money, but no one he can trust around him.

Right now, you are at a crossroads in your life.You can listen to the nay sayers who put you down and belittle you, you can break the chains around you and step on those you love to “succeed”, or you can get on the path with Jesus.Personally, I’ll take the path least traveled.

Many sit in jails across the country because they were told growing up that they were worthless and nobody.They think that there is nothing they can do from their position.They have let society determine their self-worth.

Sadly, some of you reading this right now can relate.You feel trapped in where society has placed you.But, I offer this as hope.Paul spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ everywhere he went…even through the jails that housed him as a prisoner.He didn’t sit in the corner and cry.He got in the middle of the cell and preached.And, he prayed.The Bible tells us to work as if we’re being watched, no matter where we are.

When we are serving Him to the fullest of our abilities, then we have determined our self-worth.It is not for us or society to put a value on our own life.As a final thought, if you are only worth $10 an hour, how much would you be willing to pay for just another day when it comes time to meet our Maker?

Regardless of what anyone thinks, God saw enough potential in you to send His only Son to die and rise for you.May God bless you and keep you in all that you do in His name.Remember, the fastest way up is to kneel down.