Air Force Du Rag Skull Cap Bandanna

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Product Overview


American made bandanna with sweatband

One size fits most.

Although Christian du rags got us started in this line of biker gear, it has come to our our attention that people have a "need" for other clothing options.  Being a Veteran myself, I also understand the desire to let people know your roots and show support for your brothers and sisters in arms (even though they now fall in the age of sons and daughters for me personally and grandchildren for others).

Whether you were Army, Marines, Air Force, or Navy, we have one for you to showcase who you are/were.  Sorry, Coast Guard and Space Force aren't available at this time.

We also have POW - MIA du rags in honor of those who either haven't returned home yet or have been rescued.

Please also check out our patches.  There may be some to suit your "unique" sense of humor, patriotism, Christian beliefs, or a combination of the categories.

We are blessed enough to have found the Lord and accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior. We pray that these products will help you to spread the Glory to the world. Christian apparel is a great way to minister to people who would normally not be exposed to any kind of message. You can wear your Christian gear to the store, bank, school, barber shop, and anywhere else you go on a regular part of your day. A study was done a while back that determined the average t-shirt is read over 3,000 times. Make sure the people reading your shirt, head covering, or hoodie get the Message of Christ. As you go through your day, remember The Fastest Way Up Is To Kneel Down. Thank you for visiting our online store. May God bless you and keep you in all that you do in His name.

Some of the products such as patches, kids' clothes, women's apparel, ladies' and men's wallets, jewelry, and other products that are only in our actually store do not directly reflect a Scripture or words spoken by Jesus. However, such products do reflect moral living without using profanity or ugly gestures. Some of our products promote cancer awareness or even celebrate being a breast cancer survivor. Still other products are purely patriotic in nature and honor our flag, our country, the soldiers who defend us, and the emergency responders who serve us every day. And, then, there are a few products that are just funny, but family friendly. Sometimes the line may even blur between the various genres we provide.

Here at Forever And Always, we believe in God and America. We support not only the Second Amendment, but the WHOLE Constitution. We believe and know that the Holy Bible is the Word of God and He sent His Son to walk the Earth to teach us, suffer for our sins, and be raised from the dead to join our Father in Heaven. He sent His Holy Spirit to guide us through life. If you believe in these truths and the freedom that the United States of America was founded on, we invite you to shop with us both online at and in person at 114 B North Main Street in Farmerville, Louisiana.









Forever And Always is more than just a Christian Boutique and more than a PrePaid Phone Store. We are a family owned and operated store that packs up on the weekends to set up a booth at festivals and events primarily in North Louisiana, but have ventured into Illinois, Georgia, Arkansas, and beyond for shows. But, we are also a business that believes in ministry and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who may not feel worthy of stepping foot inside of a Church building.


Sadly, many people do not feel comfortable being around Christians for fear of being judged or not feeling clean enough. There is a large population believing that they must clean themselves before coming to Jesus. Kind of like saying they need a bath before they can take a shower. Jesus is the shower. Once He washes away your sin, it is gone, whereas a bath allows it to linger around you.

Our hope in the products we sell is that at least one person may be influenced by what they read. We hope that that one person may have the courage to ask you wearing one of these shirts, hats, du rags, patches, etc. or carrying a mug or thermos just what it means.

If you are ever in Farmerville, Louisiana, we invite you to stop by our store for a visit. Or, if you have a festival, bike rally, or other event you would like us to be a vendor at, just send us a message. Our store number is actually a cell phone number that is usually with us. 318-381-9449 Please make sure it is a family friendly event, though.


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